Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF27 - HTML format


  • [NXP-27222] - HotReload fails with Data file not found: data/users.csv
  • [NXP-28677] - Remove warn on unknown Kafka admin property
  • [NXP-28709] - Fix Silent failure in automation Bulk.RunAction/@async when using invalid action parameter
  • [NXP-28805] - Review retention automation operation labels and descriptions
  • [NXP-28902] - Fix collections drawer refresh when trashing/restoring a collection
  • [NXP-28935] - Fix restoration of sub-sub children
  • [NXP-29080] - Fix RetentionManager init
  • [NXP-29118] - Fix Redis SSL support
  • [NXP-29122] - S3DirectBatchHandler must work with the new S3BlobProvider

New Feature

  • [NXP-28869] - Add a new API to refresh AWS tokens in the batch handler


  • [NXP-28003] - Auto complete on login form should be set to off by default
  • [NXP-29053] - Retention scheduled jobs should not be enabled by default on Nuxeo Server when Retention addon is not installed
  • [NXP-29091] - Upgrade Tomcat to 9.0.35
  • [NXP-29114] - Make login page compatible with some security recommendations


  • [NXP-28862] - in audit, show the time along with the date
  • [NXP-29060] - WebUI ftest framework features location
  • [NXP-29065] - Allow saving original request path
  • [NXP-29111] - Allow full configuration of MongoDB connection
  • [NXP-29112] - Allow configuration of MongoDB query max execution time
  • [NXP-29115] - Add default Referrer-Policy header
  • [NXP-29137] - Fix unique constraint error in SQL database logs when initializing a batch for upload
  • [NXP-29151] - Use HTTP code 400 instead of 500 for Automation request parsing errors


  • [NXP-28856] - Portrait-dimensioned videos don't display properly

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