Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF22 - HTML format


  • [NXP-28252] - Fix wrong target document link on first level comment notification
  • [NXP-28350] - Fix the drag-down autofill for 'vocabulary' cells in the Spreadsheet Editor
  • [NXP-28462] - Fix error after second HTML preview
  • [NXP-28478] - Bulk download doesn't show progress
  • [NXP-28481] - streamStatus probe should detect all abnormal computation termination
  • [NXP-28495] - Fix possible bug in Document Import with slow server responses
  • [NXP-28497] - WebUI interface should not allow DirectEdit button on proxies
  • [NXP-28553] - Fix BAF action's query in charge of retrieving expired documents
  • [NXP-28560] - Failed enrichers cause exception to be thrown as response
  • [NXP-28564] - Fix retention rule validation in create/edit layout
  • [NXP-28592] - Prevent possible failure of Kafka topic creation on concurrency


  • [NXP-28552] - Record management - Add events in the audit trail


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