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As a user, I have access to a dashboard of transfers



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      nxApps 2020 Cycle 9


      consider there are two main scenarios: "simple user" and "administrator"

      we currently have a dashboard, we need to make improvements around pagination and use.

      Design Specifications:
      Ideally, the pagination should be fixed at the end of the page. If not possible, then it should be placed at the furthest end of the page.
      On the left, the user should be able to see the number of items (visible on that page) out of total number of items.
      On the right, the user can see the current page of X pages and able to navigate using the next and previous arrows.
      When the user is already on the first page, the previous arrow is disabled. When the user is on the last page, the next arrow is disabled. Ideally, the user will be able to jump to another page by using a dropdown that shows all the pages (should have a scroll inside the dropdown if there are more than 20 pages (this number is just an idea, may need to adjust as we see it implemented)).

      Filters should be on the top right of the page and have the number of transfers for each filter in between the parenthesis. Filters should be: All transfers, In progress, Completed and Erred. On "erred" should be every transfer that has errors on any files upon completion.

      simple user

      • I can "quick" filter on the lifecycle state of a transfer (and revert back to "all") ("errored" state will require the lifecycle refactoring which is not yet completed)
      • I can see how many items exist in total
      • I can see the first 20 transfers (Validate the number with Carolina)
      • I can see, of the total number of items, what items I'm seeing (e.g. items 41-50 of 1,240)
      • I can see how many total pages exist
      • I can see what page I am currently viewing
      • I can "jump"/select to go to another page (any page in the results set)
      • I can arrow backwards and forwards sequentially through pages

      Out of scope at this time:
      new icons based on the completion/status (that will be part of -https://jira.nuxeo.com/browse/NXP-29482)-

      AC: N/A at this time.


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