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Publish a document



    • Type: User story
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    • Fix Version/s: 10.3
    • Component/s: Web UI
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      Publish document on a publishable space
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      nxGang Sprint 10.3.6, nxGang Sprint 10.3.7
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      As a user with write permissions on a publishable document
      I want to publish that document on a publishing space document.
      So that others can view a version/rendition of that document

      Functional description

      On a document with publishing facet, there should be present a document action to publish the document.

      When the user presses that action it should be available for configuration:

      • Destination: the new container finder, configured to find only `PublishSpace` documents, to allow user to pick publishing destination. User is only allowed to publish on documents with write permission. It will display an error if the user doesn't have write permission.
      • Version: allows the user to choose a version to be published (if modified, will create a minor one ie 1.2+ -> 1.3 will be presented).
      • Rendition: None, publish rendition (on rendition publishing user story) or another document rendition.

      After configuration, the user publishes the document and a corresponding proxy document is created on the destination document.

      Details on Version selection
      When configuring the publishing action if the user can select:

      latest version (if on a set) : publishes the latest version for each document. If there are no versions for a document, it will generate 0.1 version.
      from a list of all versions (if on one document) : publishes that specific version

      Details on Rendition selection
      When configuring the publishing action the user has the following options for rendition:

      none: original (same type) document
      default rendition (when on a set of documents) : it uses the main rendition engine to figure out the correct rendition for each document with "publish" purpose.
      all the possible rendition (when on one document) : after none, the first rendition (in bold) and finally all the all visible document renditions

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. Given I have write access in a publishable document When I navigate to it then I see a publish document action
      2. When I click on Publish action then a dialog with the description of this ticket will appear.
      3. When I'm on a Publish dialog then all the correct public rendition to that document will appear (default rendition will be identify) + the none option
      4. When I'm on a Publish dialog then all the versions of the document + latest will appear
      5. When I publish a document then the correct proxy/publication is created according to my options
      6. When I publish a document to the latest version, a minor version should be created and publish


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