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implement pipeline alternative to test and push



    • Type: New Feature
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Critical
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: NXP-10.x
    • Component/s: Continuous Integration
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      DevOps-16, DevOps-17, DevOps-18, DevOps-19, DevOps-21, DevOps-22, DevOps-23, DevOps-24, DevOps-25


      • initiate build based on pull request: push from GitHub vs pull from Jenkins
      • provide multiple "build status" on pull request (allow/ease the parallelization of distinct builds, with distinct durations)
      • initiate code driven ci using jenkins pipeline

      As a developer:

      • I want to customize the CI (specific needs for integrating my code)
      • I want the CI to provide the fastest feedback as possible on my PRs (for instance: initiate a full build at the time I'm requesting a pull)
      • I want the CI to consolidate my pull request with the other repositories (see clone.py branch and fallback branch)
      • I want the CI to provide me build statuses as much and as soon as possible
      • I want the CI to provide me a detailed view (logs) about the build steps

      As a reviewer

      • I want the CI to prevent from regression based on thresholds with comparison to the base branch (aka parent branch)
      • I want the CI to handle everything that can be automated, in order to focus on human analysis (formatting, code quality, line returns...)

      As a branch maintainer, CI manager

      • I want to enforce some parts of the build (not the whole Jenkinsfile can/must be customizable)
      • I want to ease the pipeline usage by providing in-house pipeline libraries (custom pre-configured steps)

      Our system integration points are

      • GitHub web-hooks
      • Captain Hooks
      • Jenkins


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