Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 9.10-HF03 - HTML format


  • [NXP-19897] - Fix WebDAV initialization
  • [NXP-20593] - Fix proper handling of multiple containers inside a form layout
  • [NXP-21468] - Fix File Upload widget on change when a new file is not chosen
  • [NXP-22551] - Upgrade TinyMCE to benefit from IE11 specific fixes
  • [NXP-22878] - Fix lack of ergonomy in Chrome HTML textarea in Note creation
  • [NXP-23170] - Fix Web UI ftest 'user;edit-users.Then I can edit the user "jdoe" with the following properties'
  • [NXP-23882] - Power users are displayed too many Admin tabs
  • [NXP-24135] - REST API should be improved such that a user can view a Document with references to documents they do not have permission to view
  • [NXP-24312] - PictureViewsGenerationWork generates recursive scheduling
  • [NXP-24331] - CSRF Protection for Platform
  • [NXP-24347] - Fix remove from collection action not appearing in all collection types
  • [NXP-24403] - Do not provide nuxeo-lock-toggle-button on Folderish through a nuxeo-filter
  • [NXP-24407] - Do not hard-code nuxeo-search-form in selector to display search result
  • [NXP-24410] - Batch should not remove blob's files directly
  • [NXP-24416] - Fix multivalued date management
  • [NXP-24420] - Default blob dispatcher should deal better with unknown properties
  • [NXP-24421] - Allow saving in documents blobs coming from a non-document blob provider
  • [NXP-24460] - Fix custom search paginated results page cannot be displayed in FF or Edge
  • [NXP-24478] - Make @convert adapter handle ManagedBlob
  • [NXP-24489] - shibboleth invitation addon deploys unneeded nuxeo-stream jar in wrong location
  • [NXP-24520] - Make sure return directory entries that can be PUT/POST through restful API
  • [NXP-24522] - Fix nuxeo-document-versions not displaying only versions
  • [NXP-24530] - Fix navigation tree to take into account ordered folder
  • [NXP-24594] - Fix wizard test error linked to iframe
  • [NXP-24612] - Upgrade to Seam 2.3.1.Final.NX03


  • [NXP-24495] - Switch to polymer-build#2.2.0


  • [NXP-22682] - Make multi-tenant addon work with Mongodb
  • [NXP-24156] - Extend the to set consumer position to a watermark
  • [NXP-24321] - Computation without input assignement should discard timer execution
  • [NXP-24388] - Stream processing consumer group should be prefixed
  • [NXP-24396] - AuditQueryBuilder - Operator.STARTSWITH not implemented
  • [NXP-24450] - Expose the consumer latency
  • [NXP-24476] - Add more information from the workflow when writing a Task
  • [NXP-24512] - Extend the to track consumer latencies
  • [NXP-24532] - Make REST API overridable
  • [NXP-24534] - Improve login failure logs
  • [NXP-24583] - Make UserGroup.Suggestion operation handle fullname search

Clean up

  • [NXP-24537] - Remove tomcat_upgrade7 scripts from 9.10 and later versions

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