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Fix Studio packages management from update center




      Not sure if this is a bug present also on 5.5 but on 5.6-SNAPSHOT, Studio packages update has several issues. Fixes may include bugs on Studio side.


      • version management (0.0.0-SNAPSHOT) naming is bad and is not consistant with the installed jar name (no version info on it)
      • compatibility checks: there should be a check between the target platform the studio jar is generated for, and the Nuxeo platform the jar is being installed on
      • general install issues when installing both the snapshot and a tagged version of the Studio project: if you unistall one and restart, after restart, the other one is shown as installed instead (totally confusing) and so it's never possible to uninstall both of them
      • using Windows, hot install works ok, but hot uninstall does not remove the jar from the bundles dir => maybe do something similar to NXP-7109?

      Other related improvements:

      • Studio snapshot update feedback messages should be improved to provide accurate install information when first showing this view (after a restart, even if the snapshot is installed, message says there's "No previous Studio package installation" and the date shown on update is not persisted (nor shared between users)
      • A description held by the MP package should be shown to the user so that potential Hot Reload issues can be displayed to the user (and controlled on Studio side depending on the jar content)
      • the hot reload refresh happening for some packages install might break the current view => a full refresh of the page is needed (and window refresh through JavaScript does not seem to be enough)


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