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Cold Storage - Prevent Glacier transfer in case of the preview rendition is not available fails for documents




      By default, the ** documents with the File facet are using the thumbnail as the preview version once the main file is in cold storage. 

      if the thumbnail is missing (due to an unsupported format or a issue on thumbnail creation), the send to cold storage is still available, which is not expected.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a document with the File facet
      2. Upload a zip file
      3. Go to the actions list from the document view
      4. Click on the send to cold storage action

      Observed result

      3. The Send to cold storage action is available

      4. The file is sent to cold storage and I have no preview of the file (file_100.png instead)

      Expected result

      3. The Send to cold storage action is NOT available

      We'll introduce a conf property to allow (or not) to send (or not) a document to cold storage depending on whether there is a thumbnail available to be shown as a preview in case the document is in cold storage.



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