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Update Center / Nuxeo Studio / improve "Update" warn msg on install of package with dependencies




      On the Admin page / Update Center / Nuxeo Studio page, the update button performs a check on the Studio package to install/update. If that package has uninstalled dependencies ("resolution requires changes"), then an error is raised:

      ERROR: A target platform or dependency mismatch has been detected. Please check your Studio project settings and your server configuration.
      Dependency resolution:

      This "wanted behavior"

      if (resolution.requireChanges()) {
                                  // do not install needed deps: they may not be hot-reloadable and that's not what the
                                  // "update snapshot" button is for.
                                  status.addError(resolution.toString().trim().replaceAll("\n", "<br />"));

      was introduced with NXP-11129

      commit 3fc4cc01c6ddc14a5dae024899677fce97aadd7f
      Author: Anahide Tchertchian <at@nuxeo.com>
      Date:   Sun Jun 16 23:43:08 2013 +0200
          NXP-11129: Check Studio packages compatibility with current Nuxeo version and configuration

      because this button performs hotreload which is not available for most of the other packages.

      Workaround is to individually install the Studio dependencies first, to use the command line or any other UI mean but that button.

      Improve the error message to something like: << Upgrading this Studio package requires the following changes on other packages which are not able to hot-reload: (...).
      You can choose to cancel and manually apply those changes first or to continue anyway. >>

      Do not raise an error if the required changes apply only to hotreload-able packages.


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