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Update center not correctly behaving when using tomcat distribution with HF



    • Type: Bug
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      When using a 5.6 tomcat distribution with pre-packaged HFs from maven repo browsing Admin Center/Marketplace shows empty. Unchecking 'N'afficher que les packages compatibles avec ma distribution' shows all modules. Also note the Nuxeo MAJ tab shows empty (rightfully but seems inconsistent with others behaviors).

      Now if I force a module installation (either be going directly in the marketplace of unchecking the filtering box) I can install a module but dependency versions will be resolved incorrectly. For instance to install web-module nuxeo detects dm must be installed be will resolve the version as 5.6. This breaks at runtime (in this particular case with org.nuxeo.ecm.webengine.model.TypeNotFoundException: Type not found: Social) as I guess the nuxeo instance ends up with a mix of versions (5.6 and 5.6.0-HF13).

      >./bin/nuxeoctl mp-list
      Nuxeo home: /root/verifact/nuxeo-cap-5.6.0-HF13-tomcat
      Nuxeo configuration: /root/verifact/nuxeo-cap-5.6.0-HF13-tomcat/bin/nuxeo.conf
      Include template: /root/verifact/nuxeo-cap-5.6.0-HF13-tomcat/templates/common-base
      Include template: /root/verifact/nuxeo-cap-5.6.0-HF13-tomcat/templates/common
      Include template: /root/verifact/nuxeo-cap-5.6.0-HF13-tomcat/templates/default
      Local packages:
      addon started nuxeo-dm (id: nuxeo-dm-5.6.0)
      addon started nuxeo-web-mobile-dm (id: nuxeo-web-mobile-dm-1.2.0)

      When using the first 5.6 distribution everything works as expected.


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