Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 2021.19 - HTML format


  • [NXP-29675] - Fix Random PG TestSQLRepositoryAPI.testGetChildrenIteratorFilter
  • [NXP-30141] - Windows hot reload failure Caused by java.nio.file.FileSystemException
  • [NXP-30239] - Delay the start of Quartz scheduler to avoid database constraint violations
  • [NXP-30278] - Fix error message when setting an invalid password
  • [NXP-30520] - Fix isNextPageAvailable in directory endpoint
  • [NXP-30621] - Fix blob provider initialization for transient stores
  • [NXP-30785] - Use elastic word_delimiter_graph instead of word_delimiter to avoid indexing error
  • [NXP-30925] - Fix full-text binary indexing of multi-valued blob property defined in Studio
  • [NXP-30937] - Upgrade MariaDB to 2.2.4 or later
  • [NXP-30946] - Random bug: TestPageProviderCurrentPage.testQueryAndFetchPageProviderSortAndQuickFilterWith / PostgreSQL
  • [NXP-30947] - Random bug: TestCommentsMigrator.testProbe / PostgreSQL
  • [NXP-30957] - Elastic socket timeout should be aligned with request timeouts
  • [NXP-30959] - Fix sudo/switchuser feature when used with SAML auth plugin
  • [NXP-30964] - Fix WARN in RenditionJsonEnricher
  • [NXP-30970] - QuartzScheduler unable to start creating build failure during ftest
  • [NXP-30971] - Fix random in TestCSVExportAction.testDownloadCSVWithElasticScroller on Postgres
  • [NXP-30972] - Fix random in TestBinariesObject.testDeleteOrphanedBinaries Postgres
  • [NXP-30977] - Tune Jenkins CI Postgres configuration


  • [NXP-30808] - Cold Storage Addon First Release

New Feature

  • [NXP-28296] - Bulk Service should have a transactional behavior
  • [NXP-30980] - Allow to update storage class to cold storage



  • [NXP-30933] - Trash/SetProperties actions should be resilient to sync listener failure
  • [NXP-30968] - Fix random testWorkManagerCancelScheduling with Redis WorkManager impl
  • [NXP-30975] - Don't swallow exception when transaction timeout in GC
  • [NXP-31011] - TEST for release notes description pipeline

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