Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF51 - HTML format


  • [NXP-27596] - Web Engine module 'EasyShare' should be overridable
  • [NXP-28642] - Fix visual bug while importing more than 1 doc file
  • [NXP-30481] - Upgrade LibreOffice to version in Docker image
  • [NXP-30483] - Fix wildcard behavior in sourceMimeType
  • [NXP-30484] - Prevent Stream failure when invoking setProperties bulk action with invalid values
  • [NXP-30514] - Docker image needs CJK fonts
  • [NXP-30515] - Fix NPE when retrieving tasks for User
  • [NXP-30523] - Fix WOPI thread abusive naming
  • [NXP-30526] - Fix picture views generation with auto versioning
  • [NXP-30533] - Fix text expansion of default values
  • [NXP-30534] - Spreadsheet editor should work with Content Security Policy


  • [NXP-30342] - Allow for granted users to delete and trash content under retention or legal hold

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