Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF44 - HTML format


  • [NXP-30083] - Fix CAS authentication anonymous client change of behavior introduced with NXP-23246
  • [NXP-30188] - Dedicate default WorkManager queue for Custom Works
  • [NXP-30205] - Fix how enricher priority is taken into account.
  • [NXP-30238] - Security policy to filter annotations is not working in NEV
  • [NXP-30239] - Delay the start of Quartz scheduler to avoid database constraint violations
  • [NXP-30241] - Fix upload of a Google Drive shared file
  • [NXP-30244] - Prevent Transaction Timeout during updateThumbnailListener
  • [NXP-30269] - Remove picture migration at startup
  • [NXP-30270] - ComponentManager listeners should be called within a try/catch
  • [NXP-30271] - Key/Value Store GC shouldn't remove cache temporary files
  • [NXP-30274] - Timeout on CommandLine Executor fails for Windows



  • [NXP-30052] - Return a HTTP 400 (bad request) when creating a document with a non-existing type
  • [NXP-30075] - Map VersionNotModifiableException to a bad request 400
  • [NXP-30233] - Bulk Scroller should complete command in error when query times out
  • [NXP-30234] - Local Avro Schema Store should be shared and dynamic
  • [NXP-30240] - Prevent IllegalArgumentException during retry mechanism of AbstractWork

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