Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF36 - HTML format


  • [NXP-29108] - Prevent Bulk scroller to timeout
  • [NXP-29689] - Doc copied from clipboard shows null version
  • [NXP-29720] - Make UserGroup.Suggestion operation filter users on subgroups
  • [NXP-29738] - Fix underlying cause of 500 during S3 upload
  • [NXP-29769] - Improve how list elements are added concurrently on DBS
  • [NXP-29839] - AbstractUserMapper should create Transaction if needed
  • [NXP-29861] - Fix random failure of testArrayConcurrentPushToEmpty on MongoDB
  • [NXP-29889] - Include nuxeo-drive-mongodb bundle in nuxeo-drive addon



  • [NXP-29759] - Make the task endpoint use the UserManagerResolver
  • [NXP-29814] - Don't WARN about ObjectLockConfiguration on regular S3 buckets

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