Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 10.10-HF31 - HTML format


  • [NXP-28972] - Fix redirection after handling a task with temporary permission - HTTP 403
  • [NXP-29201] - Fix filters in the Analytics "search" tab
  • [NXP-29246] - Fix import of MHTML file using Chrome
  • [NXP-29389] - Fix deserialization of some dates with Marklogic
  • [NXP-29453] - Fix mime-type detection
  • [NXP-29461] - Backporting BulkCommand#Builder(String,String,String) to resolve deprecation in 10.10
  • [NXP-29478] - Fix S3 direct upload for files larger than 5GB
  • [NXP-29496] - Fix S3 Direct Upload for little files (SSE-KMS)
  • [NXP-29537] - Invalid direct S3 download link for versions


  • [NXP-29141] - Backport multi-repository support


  • [NXP-29200] - Add user and group events/categories to platform audit directories
  • [NXP-29319] - Allow using arbitrary file keys in S3
  • [NXP-29331] - Support flagging repositories as headless
  • [NXP-29495] - Add postAuthenticationProcessChecks to SAMLAuthenticationProvider
  • [NXP-29498] - Add a way to relax the OAuth https constraint

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