Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 9.10-HF31 - HTML format


  • [NXP-26505] - Picture rotation buttons available with read-only rights
  • [NXP-26859] - Fix 'nuxeo-document-suggestion' element when using attribute 'id-property'
  • [NXP-27022] - File descriptors for deleted ChronicleQueue audit files need to be freed
  • [NXP-27140] - SVG icon color is not correctly rendered
  • [NXP-27161] - Add the versioning headers check in the REST API Document Creation
  • [NXP-27162] - S3 direct upload: Importing the same file at the same time fails
  • [NXP-27197] - NPE on accessing proxy without source document
  • [NXP-27200] - Fix permission check on a NXQL query with SQL Server when a user belongs to many groups
  • [NXP-27201] - Fix S3 Direct Upload on 9.10
  • [NXP-27204] - Fix NPE on UIUserAndGroupSelectItems.getValue()
  • [NXP-27252] - Backport NXP-24492 in 9.10: Fix Versions pill scroll down
  • [NXP-27299] - Increase elasticsearch connection timeout
  • [NXP-27303] - Overflow record filter should handle records with duplicate key


  • [NXP-26923] - Decouple marketplace-nuxeo-duoweb-authentication release version from the installable target version of platform


  • [NXP-26891] - BackingCheckers should work with TLS connections and all varieties of authentication

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