Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 9.10-HF14 - HTML format


  • [NXP-22467] - JSF layout error when removing a path from the Location search filter
  • [NXP-25415] - Fix random search;default-search.Then I can see 5 search results Web UI ftests
  • [NXP-25458] - Edge / IE11 bad CSRF behavior
  • [NXP-25472] - Fix 'DocumentModel#copyContent' when source document has dynamically-added facets and schemas
  • [NXP-25487] - Fix operation 'Elasticsearch.Index' when used to re-index a folderish document and its children
  • [NXP-25494] - Fix document type used for stored rendition of a folderish document
  • [NXP-25496] - MongoDB replication is missing some documents
  • [NXP-25505] - Fix Nested transactions are not supported when checking a transaction is active
  • [NXP-25539] - quick search field loses focus when clicking the field


  • [NXP-24009] - Adapt Nuxeo Stream and CI pipeline to test kafka and ftests with StreamWorkManager
  • [NXP-25525] - Expose the "pathStyleAccess" s3 client option within a new configuration key

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