Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 8.10-HF25 - HTML format


  • [NXP-19897] - Fix WebDAV initialization
  • [NXP-20593] - Fix proper handling of multiple containers inside a form layout
  • [NXP-21468] - Fix File Upload widget on change when a new file is not chosen
  • [NXP-22345] - Fields of the first line of results with filter related to a vocabulary keep the data of the line before filtering
  • [NXP-23747] - Group member page provider must not return nulls
  • [NXP-23861] - Raising an exception while using REST shows the whole stack trace
  • [NXP-24248] - Missing username from DriveEdit URL
  • [NXP-24256] - File named '.nxftl' in configuration template is not allowed
  • [NXP-24288] - regex password validation fails when invited
  • [NXP-24312] - PictureViewsGenerationWork generates recursive scheduling
  • [NXP-24331] - CSRF Protection for Platform
  • [NXP-24337] - Register several file extensions as application/octet-stream mime-type
  • [NXP-24338] - Fix hasEntry method with MongoDB directories
  • [NXP-24375] - Fix handling of limit/offset in a MutiDirectory query
  • [NXP-24381] - REST API thread safety issue
  • [NXP-24393] - Fix target used in MongoDB audit contribution
  • [NXP-24416] - Fix multivalued date management


  • [NXP-24389] - Ignore Windows symlink suffix by default (.lnk) in Drive

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