Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 8.10-HF24 - HTML format


  • [NXP-22016] - TERMS aggregates are neither displayed nor editable in saved searches
  • [NXP-22703] - Possible ConcurrentModificationException in jsoncmis endpoint
  • [NXP-22867] - Fix missing contextual menu upon title in content view
  • [NXP-22973] - Cannot save and upload 2 pictures in a note
  • [NXP-23341] - 500 when navigating from the search results
  • [NXP-23908] - Fix default value of boolean field in multivalued complex property
  • [NXP-24114] - ecm:versionVersionableId should be indexed by Elasticsearch
  • [NXP-24146] - Fix spreadsheet French messages catalog for message.spreadsheet.failedSave
  • [NXP-24160] - Make EL Fn.getNextId use the default sequencer
  • [NXP-24163] - Downloading attachment with filename containing 2-byte chars does not work properly when using Safari on Mac
  • [NXP-24230] - Fix wrong FileManager plugin extension point documentation
  • [NXP-24305] - Fix Nested Transactions error when using WebDAV


  • [NXP-21384] - Release Nuxeo Groups and Rights Audit for 8.10 and 9.10


  • [NXP-24232] - Improve getUpperBound query when storing audit in Elasticsearch

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