Release Notes - Nuxeo Platform - Version 7.10-HF35 - HTML format


  • [NXP-20222] - Fix disappearance of parent entry in hierarchical vocabularies when renamed
  • [NXP-21820] - Make 'start_route_widget' listbox widget's ordering configurable
  • [NXP-21982] - Add Spanish messages for id 'sp'
  • [NXP-22882] - incorrect bound template name
  • [NXP-23406] - JSF UI must allow changes to hierarchical vocabularies loaded by CSV
  • [NXP-23412] - Translate new routing events
  • [NXP-23459] - Make IWork to PDF conversion more robust by checking the file format (no corruption)
  • [NXP-23589] - Serve Drive configuration from the config folder instead of accessing it directly through nuxeo.war
  • [NXP-23878] - Fix direct links to binaries in case of shibboleth

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