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Create org services management page




      Following the shaping of the new version of Account Management in Connect Dashboard, a page must be added to manage org services and should look like the org users and org groups management page :


      Key points:

      • The page is displayed on a separate tab called "Services" (next to "Groups")
      • Only current org related valid services are displayed: they are sorted alphabetically
      • Expired services can be displayed to power users in a separate (folded by default) section ? -> discuss with TM and see for 2nd iteration
      • The Name, Description and total count of users is displayed on each row
      • There is a "request service" button triggering a request popup with Name and Description fields: when submitted, it will create a Jira support ticket for the service creation
      • There is an icon to edit (name and description only) on each service row 
      • Manage users/groups and projects (i.e Add/Remove users, groups and projects) only in details page: Needs reuse of the 2 columns polymer element created for group management
      • The service details page is displayed when clicking on a service row: it contains name, description and list of associated users, groups and projects, depending on the service type
      • A new type of service must be created: it will be a merge of the current Studio and Support services and will allow customers to manage both at the same time. This is required to ease the management of "suborganization" services. -> also discuss with Thierry
      • About the seats count, the quotas per service type are still stored on the Org level, each service row will display the used seats on this service/total seats available for this type of service info as usual, but when a user is added to a service, we must compute the total of used seats for all services of the same type to know if there is still some available seats.


      The new page will only be available by URL for now, we keep the current Account Mngt page available via Menu




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