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Multi-Layer - M1 - Guideline on how to organize and implement an application




      As a project architect who is about to bootstrap a Nuxeo application, I use guidelines on doc.nuxeo.com on how to organize the various components that make my content application on top the Nuxeo Platform, so as to not lose time questioning the various technical choices possible and so that I chose the design that will provide my developer team with the best experience with the tools Nuxeo provide me with. .


      Improve existing “Getting Started - Develop” documentation page in the Getting Started section of doc.nuxeo.com, and a sample repository (see https://github.com/nuxeo/nuxeo-customer-project-sample) that shows the project part with a sample studio project.

      Acceptance criteria

      After having read the documentation, I know:

      • How I link my Studio project and my custom java development, and what tools I use to do so
      • Where I should declare the additional existing addons I need to use for my application
      • How to publish the marketplace package holding the Nuxeo application
      • What I should deliver to my ops team and how we recommend them to install my app (briefly)
      • An additional note at the end of the documentation provides a quick recommendation when the architect has a two level application.
      • How to hot reload the Studio package using the browser extension and the Java development with nuxeo-cli
      • The sample project has been deployed on Nuxeo CLoud using the Nuxeo Customer build pipeline
      • The sample project has been deployed on the Dev Sandbox.




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