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    • Fix Version/s: 3.29.0
    • Component/s: Studio Designer


      As a Studio app builder, I can undo / redo my changes when configuring a layout


      • Pressing undo undoes the latest change
      • Pressing redo redoes the change
      • Following actions are considered one change
        • drag and drop a widget / an element
        • move a widget / an element
        • copy a widget / an element
        • edit a property value inside an element
        • delete a widget / an element
      • the undo / redo function is not visible in switch to code mode
        • undo / redo history is reset when switching to code [and doing an edit in this mode] => this part to be checked for feasibility
      • undo/redo history number of steps limit is 20: to be checked technically while doing the ticket
      • I can undo / redo until I leave the editor: if I leave the editor and come back, my change history is lost
      • I can't undo if I didn't make a change
        • undo utton is disabled if no changes can be cancelled
      • I can't redo if I didn't cancel a change
        • redo button is disabled if no changes can be redone
      • If I undo a change and do another change manually after, the history is overwritten
        • e.g. my history contains: 0. add widget, 1. edit widget property, 2. delete widget. I am at state 2.
        • I press undo. I am at state 1.
        • I edit a property for the widget. My history contains: 0. add widget, 1. edit widget property, 2. edit widget property. I am at state 2.
      • Analytics event is sent when pressing undo / redo
        • Category: Described according to NXS-5742
        • Event: [Undo / Redo]
        • Label: [Action type: drag and drop, move, copy, delete, edit]
        • Value: 0
          (goal: usage stats and understand where people make mistakes to bring UX improvements)
          (value: when done using UI = 0, keyboard = 1 => allows us to measure adoption for keyboard shortcuts)


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