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Filter event Handler on dirty field(s)



    • Type: Improvement
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    • Fix Version/s: 3.29.0
    • Component/s: Automation


      Event Handlers often depend on checking 'dirty' field values for pre-commit modifications. Having a selector to specify which dirty fields to check would be extremely helpful.

      Presales already do it using either an EL expression (like Document.doc.getProperty("xpath").isDirty()) or inside a JS automation (input.doc.getProperty("xpath").isDirty()).

      Having Studio generating this would help a lot: Type ahead for the XPATHs so you don't make typos, typically, but a list (a choice, kind like when selecting fields in a PP) could be ok.


      • A new activation filter is added in the event handlers screen
        • only active if the "before document modification" is selected, disabled otherwise
        • Placed below "Current document is"
        • Named "Current document properties have changed"
        • Contextual help says

          Activated only if the value of at least one of the selected properties has changed. It only works with the "before document modification" event. Equivalent to using a custom EL expression such as: Document.doc.getProperty("xpath").isDirty().

      • The experience to select / add fields is similar to the page provider screen "default sort" option, without the sort criteria (see attached video).
      • As a Studio dev, I can select one or several document properties to map it to
        • For complex properties, I can only select the "root" property, not one of its sub-properties (not supported by Nuxeo Server)
      • If the event mentioned above is part of the selection
        • The event handler is triggered if any of the selected document properties are dirty
      • Otherwise the condition is not added to the event handler generated during build
      • Available only for TP 9.10 and above


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