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Header bar for Marketplace and Connect



      The goal is to create a universal header bar and apply it in all the NOS applications (connect, marketplace and studio). Studio header should be refactored to rely on the new header.

      Marketplace and Connect require a new header from scratch.


      Whenever I'm in NOS, the header bar gives me a feeling of consistency:

      • A logo + the name of the app (studio, marketplace, connect)
      • Logo is nuxeo logo for publicly accessible apps
      • Logo is the product specific icon for apps requiring a subscription
      • Clicking the logo takes me back to the product homepage (e.g. what's new page for studio)

      // When I'm offline

      • A link to nuxeo.com (opens in the same tab)
      • App switcher that contains links to
      • studio
      • marketplace
      • documentation
      • university
      • support
      • All links in app switcher on a different app than the one I'm currently in open in a new tab
      • All links add a ?utm_source=studio&utm_medium=header so we can tell we sent people to the service from it
      • If I click on the product icon I'm already in, it doesn't do anything and the app switcher is closed
      • A login button (takes me to the login page in connect.nuxeo.com and redirects me to the previous page after login)

      // When I'm logged in

      • App switcher (same as above)
      • Profile initials, I can click on it:
      • I can see my my name, initials and email address
      • I can access my account (opens connect in a new tab)
      • I can logout (log me out from nos in the same tab)
      • In Studio
      • organization name and project name
      • Modeler / Designer icons to switch from one to another


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