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Chains and scripts creation from business logic screens





      • In all places where you can create a chain on the fly in Modeler (wf node general, transitions, escalation rules tabs, event handlers)
        • when clicking on the create button, the popup lets you select if you want to create a chain or a script with a new "Type" option
        • Type option offers contextual help:
          • Select a chain for sequential logic handling. Select a script if you are familiar with JavaScript and need advanced logic like complex conditions, loops and recursion.
        • when selecting a script, you are taken to the automation script editor

      // UI IMPACTS

      Creation popup

      • Title is renamed to "Create Automation"
      • Text "Enter an ID for the operation to create. The current page will be saved and the automation chain editor will be opened" is removed.

      In Modeler, workflow graph node properties

      General tab

      • "Automation chains" section is renamed to "Automation"
        • Contextual help: Automation chains and scripts selected below are always executed as though by an administrator (e.g. doing a query will return all documents in the repository).
      • Input contextual help: Chain or script selected here will always be executed when entering that step.
      • Output contextual help: Chain or script selected here will always be executed when exiting that step: after the task form is submitted, and before evaluating transitions to follow.

      Transitions tab

      • "Chain" column is renamed to "Automation"

      Escalation rules tab

      • "Chain" column is renamed to "Automation"

      In Modeler, event handlers, event handler execution section

      • Contextual help: Select the automation chain or script to execute when conditions are met
      • Bold text with "Select the automation chain that should be executed by the action" is removed
      • "Select an existing automation chain" is renamed to "Chain or script*" <-- the star is there to show the field is required


      • Change is done for Modeler only, no impact on Designer (can't create a chain / script from a button)


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