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Importing a shared project configuration in my project



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      As a Studio user, I can import a shared project. I click on the "Shared Projects" horizontal menu item, "import a project" menu sub-item, and a popup is displayed with the two lists of projects and their description. On those lists of shared projects, projects for which my current project's target is not in the list of compatible targets of the shard project is displayed in grey and not clickable. For other projects, I can click on the link, it displays a summary of the project: title, description, compatible targets, and also number of contributed features, for each features. A button "import the template" enables me to import it, after having confirmed.
      What happens when importing the template ?

      • Registry of the project is imported (note: I think that registry is currently not committed with a version, so it might be a problem)
      • Each features of the imported template is added to the current project. User should be able to identified what features where imported from which project. So either Studio knows how to visually flag them, or they are renamed with a prefix that the user will be able to modify thanks to a rename feature after. The problem with renaming automatically with prefix is that this renaming has to be consistent and not break the apps (example : the createTask operation references some operation chains, renaming should include renaming of the referencess).




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