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Facilitate theme override in Studio Designer




      At the moment there is no straightforward way to override the default theme in Studio Designer:

      • It is not clear that you need to create a theme named default based on default
      • can only add the theme files in resources (but can't edit with VD theme editor unless adding a slot contrib)

      Why is it important? Webui loads the "default" themes by default (it is hardcoded). So in order for users to get the customer theme at the first login, the customer theme must be named "default".

      This feature should be super straightforward, like in modeler for JSF.



      When I go to themes listing, custom themes have a "custom" badge in the listing. Default config doesn't have a "default" badge anymore.

      => otherwise we would create confusion with the theme to be set as default.

      In Designer all listings have the same behavior as above.

      => for UX consistency.


       In the themes listing

      I have a button to set a theme as default, named "set as default". When I click on it Designer generates the contributions needed to make it default, and the theme gets a badge "default theme".

      Existing configuration does not benefit from this badge because we couldn't generate this configuration properly so far, even if people did create a new theme named "default".

      I can copy a default theme using a "copy" button. When I click this button a new theme is created named "[originalThemeName]_copy[number if needed]" and I am taken to the theme editor for it.

      In the default themes list, the "duplicate" button is renamed "copy".

      => for UX consistency (also called copy in Modeler, and simpler vocabulary word for everyone)

      In other Designer screens, the "duplicate" button is renamed "copy" too.

      => same reasons as above


      In the theme configuration

      A "Set as default" checkbox is offered in the theme configuration just below the theme name.

      When I enable this option and a default theme is already set, Designer shows the following text below the checkbox in warning color:

      This will replace [current default theme name] as default theme.

      Goal with this message is to show it instantly otherwise people may miss it, so Designer should already know when loading the config what theme is currently default to make this possible.


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