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Layout copy TO in Studio Designer



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    • Affects Version/s: 73.14
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      When creating new document type, the process of defining View, Metadata, Edit, Create and Import layouts is time consuming and repetitive.

      People frequently use the same configuration for several layouts, typically for create / edit / import but have to create them individually.

      As a Studio user,

      • I can copy from a layout to several others using a "copy to" button
        • on the layouts listing,
        • or in the layout directly
      • I select which layouts I want to copy to.
      • No layout is selected by default
      • I can choose a layout to copy to individually or select all layouts for the doctype
      • I can see which layouts are already configured
      • When copy is going to override an existing layout, I am warned about it before the copy is made and I can cancel or confirm

        Copy will override existing layouts. Continue?
        CANCEL - YES

        => this is because we have to save other layouts where copy has been made (all done in a single commit)

      • The confirmation popup has the same size and placement / button placement than previous one to make it simpler for the user from a UX standpoint (by clicking twice I confirm to go faster)
      • I can only copy between edit type layouts (create / edit / import) or between view layouts (view / metadata) for the same doctype
        => in the future we may want to extend to other doctypes but that's out of scope for now
      • When the copy is made, elements and configuration is similar to the original
      • When deploying the configuration right after the copy, it is valid and does not require me to change anything to get it to work




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