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Give more explanation in tooltips for "Container types" and 'Accepted Children Types"




      IN Studio, we can define the Container types and the Accepted children types for a Document. SO for example, my Claim can only be created in a Folder and can only contain File, Filcture and Video (but cannot contain a Folder or another Claim, etc.)

      These rules defined there only apply in Nuxeo UI (WebUI or JSFUI). A creation server side ( aplugin for example) or by REST will allow creating documents that should not belong to a Claim. This is confusing, since we also set validaiton rules (for example) that are checked server side.

      So, waiting for a more complex change in Nuxeo, could be add something in the UI of Studio to explain this quickly? Just in the tooltip would be ok. Maybe an explicit line in the UI would be better.

      In the Container types and Accepted children types contextual help tooltips, add:

      This configuration only applies in the UI and will not affect documents created through the REST API.


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