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Export View : add text to help the user understand what he can export



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      -> Tab name "Export view"/"Vue d'export" : "Export" or "Export options"?
      -> Have an homogeneous view for current object exports and content listing export (vertical/horizontal list(AT/LK?)

      Rename title "Export du document"/"Document export" with "Objet courant"/"current object" (or "current page"?) as we already know we are in the Export view, and we just need to know what we export.

      1/ pdf export : the flash code can't be read. Can we have a QR code? (AT)
      tooltip : "Renders a pdf view of the current page, with document metadatas, links on attached files, history "
      "Exporte un pdf de la page courange, comprenant les métadonnées, les liens sur les fichiers attachés, l'historique"
      tooltip "Export XML" : "displays XML page on a new window"/ "Affiche la page XML dans une nouvelle fenêtre"
      tooltip "Export ZIP XML arborescent" : "Export WML tree (XML files, blobs)"/" Export XML de l'arborescence (fichers XML, blobs)"
      tooltip "Export ZIP des fichiers" : Tree export of the folder contents (folders, attached files,etc.)/ "Export de l'arborescence de fichiers du dossier (sous-dossiers, fichiers etc.)"

      2/COntent listing
      Rename title "Export du repertoire" : "Liste de contenu"/"Contents listing"
      disable "Export PDF"
      Change icon "CSV" for "XLS"
      -> tooltips : "Csv export" : "Excel export of all pages of the folder, with metadatas displayed as columns"/ Export sous forme de tableau Excel, de toutes les pages du listing, avec métadonnées"
      -> Disable "RSS export" and "ATOM Export" as we have them on the document view, and it's not really exports




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