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Improve VCS/PostgreSQL fulltext storage



    • Type: Improvement
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    • Affects Version/s: 5.3 GA
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      The extracted fulltext of attached files is stored as a tsvector in the fulltext.binarytext field,
      the text metadata of the document is stored as tsvector in the fulltext.simpletext field,
      a trigger concatenates the 2 fields into fulltext.fulltext as a tsvector.

      There are several drawback for this implementation:

      • on disk the tsvector field takes ~2 times the size of the text (assuming there are no stop word)
      • the tsvector is duplicated (fulltext.fulltext = fulltext.binarytext + fulltext.simpletext)
      • the tsvector computation has a cost and impact mass import where we can post process fulltext indexing
      • we don't keep the clear fulltext wich prevent to rebuild the fulltext index using another analyzer easily (it requires some code to process again the fulltext extraction)

      A first simple solution is to store the fulltext as varchar in the fulltext.binarytext and fulltext.simpletext, then a trigger will build the tsvector of binary + simple text.

      Another solution according to Florent is to remove the fulltext.fulltext column and add a gin index on both field:
      CREATE INDEX fulltext_idx ON fulltext USING gin(TO_TSVECTOR('fr',COALESCE(simpletext,'') || ' ' || COALESCE(binarytext,'')));
      then request fulltext like:
      ... WHERE TO_TSVECTOR('fr', COALESCE(simpletext,'') || ' ' || COALESCE(binarytext,'')) @@ TO_TSQUERY('fr', ?)
      and make sure the gin index is well used.

      In this case rebuilding the index is going to be a very long operation.


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