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Improve and clean up PictureBook




      Picture :


      When looking for metadata, iptc and exif data are not all retrieved. We should take a look at new Mistral version (http://java.dzone.com/tips/reading-exif-and-iptc-mistral) or consider using another library.
      Currently metadata are read-only. One should be able to modify metadata of Picture.


      • Currrently available actions are 90° left and right rotation as well as download.
      • We need to add a resize action so we can create views independently of a PictureBook.
      • Put back the crop action. Only available for the original view, the ui and converter already exist. Crop action use to only keep crop coordinates on a pictture field. It would be better to create a new view with the cropped picture.
      • For all the views created independently of a PictureBook, we need to add a delete button.


      • Because of the many views now possible, we should think of another way to choose between those. For instance use a combo box instead of radio buttons.
      • We also need a common form for resize and crop action so user can add information when creating the view.

      PictureBook :

      PictureBook Edition

      • At the moment, one can't modify a PictureBook. User should be able to add or delete template view. This will impact PictureDocument in the book. Maybe add a listener that will create or delete the necessary views from the pictures. We have to think of a nice feedback on ui to alert user when modification are done.
      • current medium view used for slideshow has a maximum size of 200px. This should be switched to 400. We might as well use fancy and shiny jquery effect so we get a better looking slideshow.


      • DocumentBlobHolder for Picture and PictureBook already exist. We just have to modify ClipBoardActionBean so it uses DocumentBlobHolder when adding clipboard content to zip.
      • As a user might have a lot of different view in a book, he might need to export only some of them. We should add a 'download all' button and a 'download selected' button. The later will display checkboxes to choose between the view you would like in your picturebook.


      • It should be possible to import an archive containing pictures and create a PictureBook from it.

      Refactoring :

      • Refactor the multiview and pictureview adapter so they use DocumentProperty instead of Maps and Array

      Fun stuff

      • A user should be able to tag his picture. This could lead to a nice demo for virtual navigation, even nicer using Flex for rendering.
      • The current default view is the original size. This might be a problem for high definition picture. We should switch to medium size. We should think about integrating tiling if the user wants to easily see his hig-def photos.
      • Picture overlapping. This means the user should be able to put an image over another (for instance a copiright logo).
      • It would be nice to have a fancy print CSS for the picturebook
      • Watermarking features


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