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Allow nullifying a property with CSV Import




      The CSV import addon considers empty value to be ignored to not edit a property.

      We would like to add an option to tell the addon to nullify a property on empty value.

      Steps to highlight the use case:

      1. Start a Nuxeo instance with the nuxeo-csv addon installed
      2. Navigate to a workpace and push the + button, then go to the CSV tab
      3. Upload the attached file testsub.csv and validate with the Create button
      4. Observe that a File document is created with the title "My file" and whose subjects are "Architecture and Cinema"
      5. Go back to the workspace, push the + button and go to the CSV tab
      6. Upload the attached file testsub2.csv : in this file the field for dc:subjects has been emptied. Validate with the Create button
      7. Observe that a File document is updated with the title "My file bis" but the subjects are still "Architecture and Cinema" ==> this is the bug
      8. To demonstrate that the CSV import correctly update a multi-valued property, use the file testsub3.csv and observe that the title is now "My file ter" and the subjects contain only "Danse"

      Desired behavior: after uploading the file testsub2.csv, the value for dc:subjects should be null


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