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Fix update of proxy's Picture metadata when a picture document is published before Picture properties are computed



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      Proxy of version are now indexed when version received a system update
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      nxplatform #65
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      When a document of type Picture (or with the Picture facet) is created with an image file and is immediately published to a section, before the Picture metadata are computed (e.g. picture:views and picture:info), these properties in the proxy are not properly indexed in elasticsearch.

      As the publication must happen immediately after the image file is attached and before the picture view are generated, reproducing the issue manually using the Web UI is not really possible. Therefore I wrote a script that I attached to this ticket.

      It creates a Picture document with an image file and immediately publishes it. it will output the JSON from DB and elasticsearch of the version and the proxy in order to show the final issue, which is the proxy's picture:views and picture:info properties still have their default values indexed in elasticsearch and are different from their values in DB.

      • set up an environment with a 10.10 Nuxeo instance and an elasticsearch server
      • have an image file ready
      • update the 7 variables at the beginning of the script to match your test environment
      • run the script, follow instructions, and observe the JSON representations when requested


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