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nuxeoctl mp-install fails to install the jars of a package when the artifactId matches another one


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 11.1
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      I had the issue with our sandbox retention plugin: https://github.com/nuxeo-sandbox/nuxeo-retention, as soon as the platform nuxeo)-retention plugin was released (10.10HF27)


      • The sandbox plugin used the org.nuxeo.ecm.retention groupId, while the platform plugin uses a different one, org.nuxeo.ecm.retention
      • But the artifactIDs were the same, nuxeo-retention-core and nuxeo-retention-web-ui
      • Building the package for the sandbox plugin correctly prepares the sandbox jars, nuxeo-retention-core-10.10-SNAPSHOT and nuxeo-retention-web-ui-10.10-SNAPSHOT.

      Now here is what happens:

      • Start with an empty 10.10 server, no admins installed, nothing
      • Install the sandbox plugin: ./nuxeoctl mp-install nuxeo-retention-package
        => installs the correct nuxeo-retention-core-10.10-SNAPSHOT and nuxeo-retention-web-ui-10.10-SNAPSHOT jars that live in the marketplace package.
      • Then, do a ./nuxeoctl mp-hotfix => you now have nuxeo-retention-core-10.10-HF27.jar{{ and {{nuxeo-retention-web-ui-10.10-HF29.jar instead :-/
      • (and ./nuxeoctl mp-install nuxeo-retention-package always installs the platform jars instead of the sandbox plugin ones)

      nuxeoct mp-install is blamed because:

      • maven prepares the correct jars (and they are also OK in the packages/store/nuxeo-retention-rule-provider-10.10.0-SNAPSHOT folder
      • When you look in packages/store/nuxeo-10.10-HF27-1.0.0 you actually do find the nuxeo-retention-core-10.10-HF27.jar jar

      So, it looks like at installation time, maybe (did not look at the code) nuxeoctl just checks the artifactId and deploys the jar it finds.

      Notice I fix our issues (our demos showing retention with the sandbox plugin stopped working) by adding a "-sandbox" suffix everywhere, so if you want to reproduce, you need to gert the plugin and remove the commits then build.




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