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Align nuxeo-replication for 10.10 and master



    • Type: Epic
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    • Affects Version/s: 10.10, 11.1
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    • Component/s: Replication



      Nuxeo Replication was initially coded and released against 9.10:

      The goal is to align this addon on recent versions of the platform.

      Addon Alignment

      There are different aspects and scope of alignment.

      Code Alignment

      The nuxeo-replication code needs to be aligned both on 10.10 and on master.

      Leverage nuxeo-stream improvements

      We have done several improvements inside nuxeo-stream, for example in terms of error handling and retry policy: it would make sense to leverage this in the context of the replication addon.

      Remove Blob Replication

      The replication initially contains 3 aspects: Repository Documents, Elasticsearch and Blob.

      The Blob part should probably never have been done so we should remove this code.

      Deeper code integration

      nuxeo-replication was built as a pure addon and as is it relies only on existing interfaces and pluggability points:

      • listen directly to changes at the MongoDB level
      • intercepts (wraps) ES client calls to gather commands

      We will need to do the same for 10.10, however, on master, we may want to go futher:

      • have an explicit API to listen or replay repository changeset
      • rely on native nuxeo-stream support for indexing rather than intercepting calls

      CI and Testing

      Here again, we can isolate different scopes.

      Build and Unit tests

      nuxeo-replication addons needs to be built and tested by maintained pipeline.

      End to End Testing

      The end-to-end testing that was done on OCP against 9.10 should ideally be done on K8S with a fully automated pipeline.

      HA testing for Nuxeo

      Part of the end-to-end testing involves killing Nuxeo nodes and verify that the Nuxeo Cluster still works.
      These tests could be interesting for nuxeo platform even outside of the nuxeo-replication scope.


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