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Fix random failure on Browse Collection Web UI ftest



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 11.1-SNAPSHOT
    • Fix Version/s: 11.1, 2021.0
    • Component/s: Web UI


      I am seeing quite some random failures in the Browse Collection scenario.


      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]     Browse collections
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       ✓ user "John" exists in group "members"
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       ✓ I login as "John"
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       ✓ I have a HTML Note
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       ✓ I browse to the document
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       ✓ I add the document to the "MyCollection" collection
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       ✓ I click the "collections" button
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       ✓ I can see the "MyCollection" collection
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       ✓ I can click on the "MyCollection" collection
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       ✓ I can see that the document belongs to the collection
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       ✓ I can click the document in the collection
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       ✓ I can see the collection is in queue mode
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       1) I can see the collection queue has the document
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       !! I can remove the document from the collection queue
      14:05:21  [INFO]      [exec] [chrome #0-5]       !! I can see the collection queue does not have the document

      As shown in the attached screenshot, the left-hand side queue is empty while it should show the colllection member we are currently on.

      After investigation, it seems linked to ELEMENTS-709 which makes our elements abort concurrent requests.

      I was able to reproduce such random failure locally.

      The thing about the collection drawer menu is that it uses the page provider from the nuxeo-collection-view-layout to populate its collection member queue. In certain race conditions, this page provider is used twice at the same time to populate the collection drawer menu members queue and the view layout listing. We end up with a request abortion and the drawer is not populated as in the provided screenshot.

      2 possible solution to fix:

      • expose the uncancelable property at nuxeo-page-provider element level and use it on the nuxeo-collection-view-layout page provider
      • stop sharing this page provider between the collection drawer menu and view layout

      IMO, the 2nd solution is cleaner, easier to maitain and make the nuxeo-collections element more reusable.


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