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Fix rendering of field of type 'Document' in spreadsheet editor



    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 9.10, 10.10
    • Fix Version/s: 10.10-HF21, 11.1, 2021.0
    • Component/s: Spreadsheet
    • Release Notes Summary:
      Document fields have now a specific renderer in Spreadsheet editor.
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      nxNS Sprint 10.10.3, nxNS Sprint 11.1.1, nxNS Sprint 11.1.3, nxNS Sprint 11.1.4, nxNS Sprint 11.1.5, nxNS Sprint 11.1.6, nxNS Sprint 11.1.7, nxNS Sprint 11.1.8, nxNS Sprint 11.1.11, nxNS Sprint 11.1.13, nxNS Sprint 11.1.14
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      Spreadsheet editor displays

      [object Object]

      when rendering a document property of type Document.

      How to reproduce:

      • in Studio Modeler define a document type named DocType1 (that extends nothing) and add to it a field named docref of type Document
      • define its create layout to input field doctype1:docref
      • define a content view named cv1:
        • set Query filter to ecm:mixinType != 'HiddenInNavigation' AND ecm:isVersion = 0 AND ecm:currentLifeCycleState != 'deleted' AND ecm:parentId = ?
        • add a query parameter with value
        • add a result column Document Id title with link
        • add a result column with a widget by property for field doctype1:docref
      • define another document type named DocType2 that extends Folder:
        • check Show Create Child Action
        • set document type DocType1 as a child document type
        • set the Main content content view to cv1
      • deploy and log in the Nuxeo platform
      • create a folderish document of type DocType2
      • create a document of type DocType1 under it and set its doctype1:docref to any other document
      • navigate back to the listing of the folderish document of type DocType2
      • click on the content view's Spreadsheet icon to open the spreadsheet editor

      Actual result:

      [object Object]

      is rendered in the column for field doctype1:docref
      Expected result:
      Title and/or document path of document referenced in doctype1:docref

      The bug was originally reported for the Web UI but I thought a reproduction scenario in the JSF UI would be simpler.


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