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CSV export a listing



    • Type: User story
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 10.3
    • Component/s: Bulk, Web UI
    • Release Notes Summary:
      Ability to export results and folderish content in CSV
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    • Sprint:
      nxGang Sprint 10.3.8
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      As a user on a listing (ie, search, folder: result view)
      I want to be able to download the full result list in CSV
      So that can use or manipulate the content with other tools

      Functional description

      This user story should be resolved by a reusable element that can be quickly added new configured listings and integrated with custom document types.

      What information to gather?
      We need a new user action element that can leverage:

      • listing page provider
      • selected/showing column/fields on Data table view

      To download the full result list of that page provider of the propriety set shown on columns in CSV format.
      It should use the BAF for performant processing.

      Note: Spreadsheet user action button already leverage page provider and data table columns fields.

      How to integrate?
      This user action should be easily added to any result list slot. Binding the associated page provider and the data table columns.

      Where to integrate?
      This user action should be contributed by default to :

      • default search
      • folderish view
      • collection view

      What user feedback?
      As we do not have yet a notification system that can deal with BAF operations, we should reuse what it is done on the bulk download in terms of feedback. This is, a toast during the the time of bulk processing saying "Processing CSV content..." and a final toast when the file download is dispatch with "Downloading CSV"

      *What to do on non-data table views?
      (not sure, to review) Adde the default (title, type, modified, last contributor, state, version, created, author, nature, coverage, subjects) fields as columns on the user action.

      WIP : adding screenshot as user action icon to the ticket

      Acceptance criteria

      1. Given i do a default search, fill in the form (random) so that there are results. When I click on the CSV action, then I get a download file with the full result set in CSV.
      2. When I click on the CSV action, then I get a permanent toast indicating that the CSV file is being processed and a final toast indicated that is started the CSV file download
      3. When there is a fail on bulk process, then I get a toast indicating the error
      4. When I select specific columns on the data table and download the CSV, then my CSV downloaded file needs to be composed of those specific properties.
      5. (if we go that way) When I use the CSV export action on a none data table result view, then my CSV file has the default proprieties


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