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Installation command of several packages will be split into one install command per line



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      The installation command of several packages is split into one install command per line.
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      NOS 10.3.6
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      Bug: Installation of hotfixes should not prevent Nuxeo from starting

      On a vanilla Nuxeo 9.10 installation, the following steps end up in error:

      # nuxeoctl register
      # nuxeoctl mp-hotfix --accept=true
      Dependency resolution:
        Installation order (2):        nuxeo-9.10-HF14-1.0.0/nuxeo-9.10-HF15-1.0.0
        Unchanged packages (13):       nuxeo-9.10-HF11:1.0.0, nuxeo-9.10-HF10:1.0.0, nuxeo-9.10-HF02:1.0.0, nuxeo-9.10-HF13:1.0.0, nuxeo-9.10-HF01:1.0.1, nuxeo-9.10-HF12:1.0.0, nuxeo-9.10-HF04:1.1.0, nuxeo-9.10-HF03:1.0.1, nuxeo-9.10-HF06:1.1.0, nuxeo-9.10-HF05:1.1.0, nuxeo-9.10-HF08:1.0.0, nuxeo-9.10-HF07:1.0.0, nuxeo-9.10-HF09:1.0.0
        Local packages to install (2): nuxeo-9.10-HF15:1.0.0, nuxeo-9.10-HF14:1.0.0
      Installing nuxeo-9.10-HF14-1.0.0
      Installing nuxeo-9.10-HF15-1.0.0
      # nuxeoctl console
      Detected Tomcat server.
      Nuxeo home:          /Users/dmetzler/tmp/nuxeo-server-9.10-tomcat
      Nuxeo configuration: /Users/dmetzler/tmp/nuxeo-server-9.10-tomcat/bin/nuxeo.conf
      Include template: /Users/dmetzler/tmp/nuxeo-server-9.10-tomcat/templates/common-base
      Include template: /Users/dmetzler/tmp/nuxeo-server-9.10-tomcat/templates/common
      Include template: /Users/dmetzler/tmp/nuxeo-server-9.10-tomcat/templates/default
      No current configuration, generating files...
      Configuration files generated.
      Relax mode changed from 'ask' to 'false' for executing the pending actions.
      org.nuxeo.connect.update.PackageException: Package not found: nuxeo-9.10-HF14-1.0.0 nuxeo-9.10-HF15-1.0.0
      Pending actions execution failed. The commands file has been moved to: /Users/dmetzler/tmp/nuxeo-server-9.10-tomcat/nxserver/data/installAfterRestart.log.bak
      Start interrupted due to failure on pending actions. You can resume with a new start; or you can restore the file 'installAfterRestart.log', optionally using the '--ignore-missing' option.

      It happens because the after the HF14 and HF15, the $NUXEO_HOME/nxserver/data/installAfterRestart.log is not cleaned, hence Nuxeo tries to install the package on next restart. But as they have already been installed, then they are not found.

      Relaunching nuxeoctl console just works as the file has been moved to a .bak file.

      Other workaround:

      • launch nuxeoctl --ignore-missing
      • remove the $NUXEO_HOME/nxserver/data/installAfterRestart.log before launching nuxeo.

      This is perhaps linked to that commit (but unsure, see NXBT-2372): https://github.com/nuxeo/nuxeo-connect/commit/54c7a6e9d71e581ef482a078eec84a0ab51d8180

      Also, the following leads to the same issue:

      1. unzip the server
      2. nuxeoctl register
      3. nuxeoctl mp-hotfix --accept=true
      4. nuxeoctl mp-install nuxeo-webui
        Oddly, trying again the WebUI install works fine.

      Actual problem :

      • The installAfterRestart.log file cannot take several packages on the same command line so install nuxeo-9.10-HF14-1.0.0 nuxeo-9.10-HF15-1.0.0 cannot be interpreted

      Chosen solution :

      • Installation command of several packages will be split into one install command per line


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