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      Main Goal of this plugin is to leverage the Maven graph dependency during a Nuxeo startup.

      As a developper, user of platform, I spend incompressible time to test my Nuxeo customisation.
      Basic workflow is more or less, build the addon, build the marketplace package, install it on Nuxeo, start Nuxeo.
      Note: There's some tricks to avoid some step, but it's still painful for simple customisation.

      First goal

      Given a simple Maven project (no multi-module) referencing some code and having a studio project as dependency, I'm able to run something like mvn nuxeo:run which starts a Nuxeo of the version specified in the pom.xml with my two packages.

      Second goal

      Bring the hot reload support to this run step. The plugin could be able to watch the compiled sources and hot reload them if they change.
      This way, after my IDE build my project, the running Nuxeo server hot reload necessary stuffs by itself.

      Third goal

      I'm able to run the plugin from anywhere in Nuxeo sources (after the runtime), this way as a Nuxeo Developer I'm able to run my changes in a Nuxeo in a short time. (Note: + we'll only deploy needed bundles, the ones referenced in Maven graph dependency).

      Fourth goal

      Bring IDE support. I should be able to call this plugin directly from IDE and so leverage run/debug actions.

      Fifth goal

      Check that we can use the plugin for integration tests.

      Sixth goal

      We should be able to build the platform with this plugin - which is more or less the same thing than running Nuxeo in this context
      Build the static war version ?

      Seventh goal

      Build marketplace package with this plugin - this will probably allow us to not have a second repository/module to build the marketplace package.


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