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Lock icon tooltip is not localized



    • Release Notes Summary:
      The Lock icon tooltip is translated
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      nxLD Sprint 10.1.2
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      1. Install 8.10
      2. set the language as French in the user preferences
      3. create a document
      4. lock it
      5. head back to the document list
      6. head over the lock icon
      7. it displays the localized text in French and the date is in English and the time is 24h format
      8. set the language as English in the user preferences
      9. head over the lock icon
      10. it displays the localized text in English and the date is in English and the time is 24h format

      Expected result: the whole tooltip should be consistent and display the date and time matching the user language set in preferences, not only the text.

      Adding just in case the mp-list output:

      FrantzMBP:bin ffischer$ java -version
      java version "1.8.0_121"
      Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_121-b13)
      Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.121-b13, mixed mode)
      FrantzMBP:bin ffischer$ ./nuxeoctl mp-list
      Detected Tomcat server.
      Nuxeo home:          /Users/ffischer/nuxeo-server-8.10-tomcat
      Nuxeo configuration: /Users/ffischer/nuxeo-server-8.10-tomcat/bin/nuxeo.conf
      Include template: /Users/ffischer/nuxeo-server-8.10-tomcat/templates/common-base
      Include template: /Users/ffischer/nuxeo-server-8.10-tomcat/templates/common
      Include template: /Users/ffischer/nuxeo-server-8.10-tomcat/templates/default
      Local packages:
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF01 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF01-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF02 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF02-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF03 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF03-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF04 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF04-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF05 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF05-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF06 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF06-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF07 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF07-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF08 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF08-1.0.1)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF09 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF09-1.0.1)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF10 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF10-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF11 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF11-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF12 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF12-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF13 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF13-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF14 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF14-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF15 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF15-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF16 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF16-1.0.1)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF17 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF17-1.0.0)
      hotfix     started	nuxeo-8.10-HF18 (id: nuxeo-8.10-HF18-1.0.0)
       addon  downloaded	nuxeo-dam (id: nuxeo-dam-6.2.3)
       addon  downloaded	nuxeo-drive (id: nuxeo-drive-1.6.3)
       addon  downloaded	nuxeo-jsf-ui (id: nuxeo-jsf-ui-8.10.0)
       addon     started	nuxeo-jsf-ui (id: nuxeo-jsf-ui-8.10.1)
       addon  downloaded	nuxeo-liveconnect (id: nuxeo-liveconnect-1.1.3)
       addon  downloaded	nuxeo-showcase-content (id: nuxeo-showcase-content-1.1.3)
       addon  downloaded	nuxeo-template-rendering (id: nuxeo-template-rendering-6.6.3)
       addon  downloaded	nuxeo-template-rendering-samples (id: nuxeo-template-rendering-samples-6.6.3)
       addon  downloaded	nuxeo-web-ui (id: nuxeo-web-ui-0.8.0)




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