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Fix reference errors when importing an exported ZIP Tree XML Export




      In studio

      • Create a document type called Author
      • Create a document type called Book, add an attribute called "author" to the schema that is of type "Document" (to reference the Author)
      • In Book creation layout add the field "author" and be sure that the NXQL query you select an author

      In platform

      • Create a Workspace
      • Create a folder "Library"
      • Create a folder "A" (we will put a book here)
      • Create a folder "Z" ( we will put an author here)
      • In folder Z create an author A1
      • In folder A create a book B1 that references author A1
      • Go to folder "Library"
      • Click on "ZIP Tree XML Export"
      • Remove folder "Library"
      • Go the the trash and remove the folder "Library" permanently
      • Import the exported zip using the web import

      You'll have the issue saying org.nuxeo.ecm.core.api.validation.DocumentValidationException: Constraint violation thrown: '"05e9d36d-ddb0-4..." is not a valid document id.'

      Because it was trying to resolve the dependency to the id that doesn't exist anymore.

      This case blocks from exporting a zip structure (with references) in a platform and importing it in another.


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