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Update UI to abandon a process in progress




      Emma and John are both simple users.
      John decides to run a process on an asset.
      He assigned it to Emma and run the process.
      He realised after that this workflow is not necessary: he has no clear interface to abandon the workflow he runs, because the task is assigned to someone else. The only way you have is to go on each document view.

      Administrators should see the workflows in progress.
      Workflow creators should see the workflow in progress.

      On Tasks menu,

      • assigned tasks are displayed by default
      • the user can click on the My Processes pill to list the processes ran by the current user
      • on the process view, the current task is displayed
      • the tasks done are listed too if possible / if rights allowed it
      • the user can see the graph, the person involved in the current task & abandon the workflow

      If no process has been run by the user, a message is displayed in the drawer:
      "See here the processes you ran to see who should do the next task."


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