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Allow to update all nodes of a Cluster



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      We want a way to define and deploy a set of Nuxeo Marketplace packages on all nodes of a cluster.

      Typical use cases include :

      • install an addon on all nodes
      • install a hoftix on all nodes
      • update a studio package on all nodes

      This requirement exists :

      • for nuxeo.io
      • for all clients using a cluster

      Configuration target and Orchestration

      We have 2 tasks to achieve :

      • define the target configuration each Node should apply
      • trigger update on the Nuxeo nodes in the right order

      Marketplace cluster channel

      As explained in the nuxeo.io doc, the idea is to define a dedicated Marketplace channel :

      • that is specific to a cluster group
        • ex : a studio project + HF + 1 JS app
      • that constains update / new packages that *must be installed*
        • at startup NuxeoCtl must fetch and install any update

      I think that using marketplace is a requirement :

      • marketplace channel system is already pluggable
        • on the client and on the server side
      • we should not create a new deployment model
        • install / upgrade / uninstall
      • we are sure the cluster upgrade system is the same as the normal model
        • more tests and less bugs !

      In addition, Marketplace package can be used for everything inside Nuxeo :

      • bundles
      • libs
      • template and config files

      The only direct limitation is that the system update are not handled, but I think that's a good point to focus on the Nuxeo application level only :

      • this makes us independant from the underlying OS
      • this makes the system usable for clients and not only for nuxeo.io


      At the very low level, all we really need to do is : restart Nuxeo nodes in the right order.

      We could probably do that using ansible or similar tool.

      However, Mathieu started working with Redis for building a message bus between Cluster Nodes.

      The good points of this approach are :

      • we already have a Redis infrastructure for the Cluster
        • this is good to leverage this
      • I like the idea of separating the system part from the application part
        • deploying ssh keys and ansible as part of Nuxeo Cluster infrastructure will be a pain for some clients
      • Redis gives us a real communication bus with n-to-n
        • this will allow the nodes to push feedback

      For now, what Mathieu started is here : https://github.com/nuxeo/nuxeo-cluster-controller

      The target is to have :

      • a central controller
        • talking to the agents
      • small python agents that will be deployed on the Nuxeo nodes
        • talking to nuxeoctl and to the controller




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