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Studio update must be done before IDE Eclipse project generation so the Eclipse project will reflect "new" changes made to Studio project.



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      A very subtle cache update procedure with IDE causes confusion. The Studio project must be manually updated using a Studio update, in Eclipse IDE, BEFORE any projects are built in the IDE if you want to see the updated changes from Studio reflected in the new project. A cached version of the Studio .jar, whatever was left over from previous updates, will be used, by the Eclipse IDE, if the manual update from Studio to Eclipse is NOT done before project generation. Bottom line is the project will be generated with a link to an previous .jar file if the manual Studio update is not preformed before generating the project.

      Also, Eclipse leftside navigation tree must be updated manually even after the manual Studio project is completed to reflect the changes made to the Studio project..


      1. Start with a clean Eclipse workspace
      2. Create a new Studio (clean) Project.
      3. Create a Nuxeo plugin project using the IDE
      4. Link to the Studio Project in #2 above.
      5. Verify the Studio .jar file is available to the Eclipse project it is stored in the repository folder under org.nuxeo.connect in Eclipse workspace.
      6. Import a schema into the Studio project above
      7. In Eclipse create a 2nd project similar to the first in #3 (notice the References point to the old Studio .jar cached in the Eclipse repository is now referenced by the project.

      Manual updates are needed for both Studio project AND Eclipse navigaion tree.

      Very confusing and hard to explain to our users/customers.




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