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Deleting a readonly file and then checking the same file in Select Sync Folders does not synch it



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 2.1.1130
    • Fix Version/s: 3.0.6
    • Component/s: Synchronizer


      1. User1 Drive: Configure nuxeo-drive
      2. User2 DM: Create a folder 'top' and a child folder 'top\sub'
      3. User2 DM: Import file1 and file2 to 'top' folder and then file3 and file4 to 'top\sub' folder
      4. User2 DM: Share the 'top' folder with User1 with read access. Ensure User1 does not have write access to this folder in any manner (ex: group share).
      5. User1 DM: Login to DM
      6. User1 DM: Enable 'sync' for the user1 workspace for user1.
      7. User1 DM: Search for folder 'top'. Then enable 'sync' for the 'top' folder for user1.
      8. User1 Drive: Wait for drive to sync both the workspace and the 'top' folder to local PC.
      9. User1 Drive: Verify all the subfolders and files are synced properly.
      10. User2 DM: rename the 'sub' folde as 'sub2'
      11. User1 Drive: Wait for the drive to sync the changes (sub will be renamed as sub2)
      12. User1 Drive: Now delete the file 'top\sub2\file3' in local PC
      13. User1 Drive: Confirm that Drive shows a notification in the system tray that a readonly file is deleted.
      14. User1 Drive: Open settings dialog for nuxeo-drive and then click on 'Select Sync Folders' button.
      15. User1 Drive: The 'filters' window will open and it shows that the 'top\sub2\file3' is unchecked.
      16. User1 Drive: Now 'check' the file3 and click ok.

      Expected Result: Since file3 is marked for sync, the file3 should download from server to local PC again.
      Actual Result: file3 is not syncing to local PC for user1.

      The step 10 above the most crucial step. Without this step the bug will not reproduce.

      Seems like after that the Drive client (at least on OSX) didn't stop synching.
      After stop and start of the client, unchecking then checking again the file3.txt file did in fact synch it again.




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