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OS X TextEdit temp files mess up synchronization



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 2.0.1223
    • Component/s: Local watcher
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      The TextEdit application in Mac sometimes create a temp file with extension ".sb-{}-{}" while saving .rtf files.

      Example: If we are editing document.rtf, the textedit app can create a temp file like "document.rtf.sb-b3d07aee-baGfrW". The life time of this file is less than one second but during its lifetime, this file messes the nuxeo-drive sync behavior.

      How to reproduce this issue:

      • sync a file called document.rtf using drive.
      • once sync complete, open this file in 'TextEdit' application (Mac) and make some changes to the content.
      • do not save changes, but leave this editor open for few minutes.
      • make some more changes and save the file.
      • the textedit application creates a temp files during the file save process and this messes the sync behavior of nuxeo drive.

      Result: Sometimes the document.rtf.sb-... file is uploaded to server and some times the document.rtf file is blacklisted so that the new contents (locally saved) are not uploaded to the server.

      Although this issue is random, it is frequently observed by some testers.
      Here are the list of events observed by the watch dog when saving a file (Nuxeo Drive\SyncRoot\document.rtf) using textedit app:

      1. moved event (source: Nuxeo Drive\SyncRoot\document.rtf, destination: Nuxeo Drive\SyncRoot\document.rtf.sb-abcdefgh-123456)
      2. modified event for folder (Nuxeo Drive\SyncRoot)
      3. deleted event for file (Nuxeo Drive\SyncRoot\document.rtf.sb-abcdefgh-123456)
      4. created event for file (Nuxeo Drive\SyncRoot\document.rtf)

      Sometimes the deleted event is not observed during testing, but the the other 3 events are always observed in the nuxeo drive log files when a temp file is created.


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