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Release Jira version when releasing arender-nuxeo repository



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      We want the automation of arender-nuxeo to release the Jira version arender-x when we release the project.

      This release automation for Jira will work more or less like the release automation for Nuxeo addons, with some changes as the arender-nuxeo repository doesn't deploy RC builds that we want to promote. Indeed, the arender-nuxeo repository follows semver versioning, so the patch version has the meaning of shipping fixes while we use it to identify a specific build in other repositories.

      In addition of the above, arender-nuxeo repository has dynamic maintenance branches, each time a new major/minor version is released, a new branch is created to allow to publish bug fix only version (patch version) for the underlying minor version.

      The release automation will do:

      • for a A.B.C released version
      • fetch all NEV tickets that have the Jira version arender-A.B-x version
      • fetch all commits between the released version and the previous one by leveraging Git tags
      • create a new Jira version arender-A.B.C
      • update all tickets fixVersion to arender-A.B.C that have arender-A.B-x Jira version and are present in the Git changelog
      • for main branch only, create a new Jira version for the new maintenance version, this is equivalent of the created branch, for example we release main branch that contains 2.4.0 version, the automation will create the Jira version arender-2.4-x




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